School heads asked to watch out for sexual predators


 The directorate of education (DoE) called a meeting of assistant district education inspectors ( ADEI) on Wednesday to sensitize them about the need for better protection to children in educational institutions.
The ADEIs were asked by education officials to call a meeting of heads of primary schools to make them aware of the importance of making schools safer places for students. School heads will be asked to keep a close watch on the movement of students and question as to where they are going and for what purpose, if they seem to be possibly putting themselves at risk unknowingly.
Similarly, deputy education officers will be sensitized on sexual abuse and protection of the interests of the child in a meeting to the held at the DoE on Thursday, and they will in turn be asked to sensitize heads of middle schools. Sources said that similar meetings will be held for sensitization of heads of secondary and higher secondary schools.
The sensitization meetings with officers will be complete by Saturday and they will immediately begin holding meetings with school heads of the taluka of their jurisdiction.
The DoE will also be issuing instructions to schools on measures to be taken by the school staff against sexual predators. [TOI]