School students will get freelance subjects: CM


The government will introduce ‘freelance subjects and exercises’ for school with a focus on art to help students grow and develop in all fields, Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar announced on Sunday. 
Speaking at the prize distribution function of “Sushant Forever” photo contest Parrikar said he would “keep the idea of the contest in mind” when conceiving the ‘freelancing for school student idea.’
“While studying, students should have some subjects in  which they could freelance, subjects where they really do not have to pass. Art is a major factor in that… freelance exercises. How much the student's art flourishes, that much his study will flourish too,” Parrikar said. 
“You cannot have only one way of growing,” Parrikar said adding that he would like to promote freelance art and other similar subjects in schools. 
He, however, did not say when and how this would be implemented saying that they were still at the idea stage and that he would keep the concept of Sushant Forever in mind.  
Making a passing reference to the medium of instruction issue, Parrikar said he would have to give the state a sugar coated pill. 
“I have given permission to some schools to teach in English, when experts say that primary education has to be in one’s mother tongue. Mother tongue promotion will be a highlight of this government. A sugar coated pill to be administered down the gullet is the best way,” Parrikar said keeping people guessing about his future plans.  
“A laxative, no matter how it is administered will have to be taken, else there will be no cleaning,” Parrikar said. 
He had a word of appreciation for the late photojournalist Sushant Naik. “He had a knack of catching the moment. I think Goa needs to catch the moment. Let Goa be Sushant Forever,” Parrikar said. 
Sushant Forever isn an initiative formed in the infinite memory of young photojournalist Sushant Naik, who died in a tragic accident on December 3, 2007, 
The theme of the competition was ‘The Other Goa’ as opposed to the stereotypical image of beaches, place sof leisure, song, dance ,music and an abode of temples, churches and the like. [H]