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Schools in rural Ponda yet to adopt security measures

The incident of rape on a schoolgirl in a Vasco school has resulted in a major change in the security aspect of schools in the Ponda town, however, a lot still needs to be done in rural Ponda, where many schools are yet to respond. Schools in the Ponda town have been quick to act with concrete measures put in place —  be it barricading the entrances, improving security at the main gate or even maintaining a register to keep a record of the guests entering the school premises. Says Sister Florence Fernandes, the headmistress of Mount Mary High School, Ponda, “We had the security measures in place well before the Vasco incident, and had appointed a security guard in the year 2012. No outsider is allowed to enter the premises and should someone come he has to register with the security.” She said that the students are strictly not allowed to leave the school premises and all the entry points are kept closed. She said even at the time of picking up of the children after the school hours, guardians other than the parents have to carry an authority letter which is verified with the parents. [NT]