Scrutiny of mining documents begins

PANJIM: Directorate of Mines and Geology has begun scrutinising documents of 80 mining companies, following Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar’s announcement that the process would be completed within a month’s time.

A total of 90 companies have submitted their documents for verification. But the directorate will examine documents of only 80 firms, as the remaining 10 are for condonation of delay.

Director of Mines Prasanna Acharya said that department has begun scrutinising the documents which would be later forwarded to government appointed scrutiny committee, on case to case basis.

“A proper procedure needs to be followed. The final decision would be taken by government,” he said. Acharya said that since the matter pertaining to the condonation of delay is being handled separately, the documents of those firms, identified in the said illegality, would not be entertained, at this moment.  

The State government, while suspending the mining operations in September, had said that mining would be resumed only after verification of documents related to mining operations and environmental clearances (ECs) by a scrutiny committee, headed by Principal Secretary (Mines) R K Varma.

Parrikar, during his recent media interaction has said that within the next 45 days all mining leases in Goa would be categorized into three different segments ~green, grey and red, based on their legal status. He had declared that the scrutiny process will be completed within a month.

“Mines which have all legal documents and ECs would be allowed to operate, if the Supreme Court grants permissions,” he had said. The matter related to illegal mining in the State is currently pending in Apex Court. [H]