Seafarers go to NRI communication with pension suggestions

The Goa seamen association of India (GSAI) has submitted a memorandum to the office of the commissioner of NRI affairs with suggestions on how to go about implementing the much- anticipated pension scheme for retired seafarers.

The GSAI has suggested a procedure where they have to submit their continuous discharge certificate (CDC- seafarer's identity) and also for Dayanand Social Security (DSS) scheme holders, to submit their DSS account details as identity proof to make the process more transparent and easier.

"The idea is to reduce the amount of formalities giving due consideration to the old age of the retired seafarers,," said GSAI secretary Michael Beny Da Costa

"The CDC will establish that the person seeking the scheme is a seafarer as a CDC is a must," he added.

Da Costa clarified that for those existing DSS holders who are seeking the pension scheme, they would get paid only from the pension scheme and not both the DSS and the pension scheme together.

Incidentally, GSAI members had earlier made it clear to the government that forms for the pension scheme of 2,500 a month should be made available at banks and not at the offices of MLAS, a demand already accepted by the government.

GSAI members further appealed for the quick implementation of the scheme.

"We had requested the government to contact the national union of seafarers of India (NUSI) general secretary, Abdulgani Y Serang, as we want a joint meeting with a representative of the state government, NUSI and GSAI on one table," added Da Costa. [TOI]