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Seeking humaneness in humans!

Tiatr: Munisponn ani Devosponn
Cast: Rosario de Benaulim, Roma, Meena, Arif, Alina, Joe de Dicarpale, Mario, Agnelo Lobo, Selvy, Dorothy, Agnel
Director: Cruz Pinto
Band: Piety (first trumpet), Eshban (second trumpet), Filina (saxophone), Jose (bass), Jose Carvalho (keyboard)
Story: Craving for the gift of a child, Messi (Rosario de Benaulim) divorces his wife Flavia (Meena) and ties the knot with Matilda (Roma). His brother Myron (Joe de Dicarpale) demands abortion from his wife Melita (Alina), doubting in her fidelity. The end is rather intriguing.

The story revolves around two brothers Messi, his brother Myron and their spouses Flavia and Melita respectively. Messi is humane, but lacks spirituality in him. As his family is not blessed with the gift of a child, to avoid humiliation, he seeks divorce from his wife Flavia and marries Matilda.On the other hand, Messi’s brother Myron has spirituality in him, but lacks humanness. When he gets the news that his wife Melitais pregnant, doubting in the fidelity of his wife, he seeks abortion.
After divorcing his wife and tying the knot with Matilda, Messi expects gift of a child from his second wife. But will he get what he expects? What does the family doctor reveal about Messi? After demanding abortion, will Myron regret for his misdeed?
Cruz Pinto’s Lenten show ‘Munisponnani Devosponn’ focuses on the spiritual and humane aspect of human beings. Abortion, infidelity are some of the highlights in the drama. Though some of the messages are more of direct preaching to the audience, there are a couple of dialogues which invite introspection.Rosario de Benaulim and Joe de Dicarpale have done justice to their respective roles, both moving to extreme ends. They have been ably assisted by Meena, Roma and Alina. Arif handles the doctor’s role with ease. Agnelo Lobo and Mario make brief entries confidently.In the comic acts, Selvy, Dorothy and Agnel form a perfect comical trio, entertaining the audience with enough laughter pills. But realization that the Lenten season is in progress is a must.In the category of songs, Evaristo de Arambol, Roma, Rosario de Benaulim, Olga, Joe de Dicarpale, Agnelo Lobo and Dorothy entertain with solos, while Anil/Olga come with a duet. There is a trio by Evaristo, Agnelo Lobo and Joe. A duo and a choral went amiss. [H]

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