Selaulim pipeline bursts


The main pipeline supplying raw water from Selaulim Dam to the Kalay River burst at Funtemoll-Uguem, barely 1.5 kms from the Selaulim Dam, on Saturday evening. A team from the Water Resources Department (WRD) rushed to the site and stopped water supply from the Selaulim Irrigation Project. 'Times New Roman'; font-size: medium; text-align: justify;">The rupture occurred barely 200 metres from a residential area and a number of homes would have been flooded had the incident taken place in the residential area.
The water, which was gushing out in huge quantities, was later released into nearby Uguem River through an emergency outlet.
The pipeline was laid when the BJP had first come into power within a record time of little over one month. The pipeline, which covers a distance of almost 12 kms, was meant to augment water supply to Opa Water Works through the Kalay river. [H]