Self appointed Majorda ‘cop’ externed from S Goa


 A man from Majorda who was accused by the cops of impersonating police officers in a number of cases has been externed from the South Goa district by district Magistrate on Monday.
In an order passed today under the Goa Maintenance of Public Order and Safety Act, 1988, district Magistrate, N D Agrawal directed Agostinho Carvalho to remove himself from the jurisdiction of South Goa district for a period of two years. During this period, he is required to report his place of residence to the office-in-charge of the nearest police station once in every month, even if there be no change in his address.
In his reply to the show cause notice, Carvalho had maintained that the proceedings initiated against him under Section 4 of the Goa Maintenance of Public Order and Safety Act, 1988 was not maintainable because an order under the Act can be passed only against a habitual offender. He argued that he has not been declared as a habitual offender and that most of the offenses he has been arrested are pertaining to impersonation of a police officer. Incidentally, barring one case of assault, the respondent is not convicted in any of the cases cited by the police, with the cases either under investigations or pending trial.
In his order, the Magistrate said the history of the cases submitted by the police show that the respondent is a person whose movements or acts are causing alarm, danger and harm to person and property in the locality.  [H]