Selwyn Pereira

Selwyn Pereira started his own band when he was 10 years old. This much appreciated band of youngsters was named the “Civilians“. He then played for one of Goa’s top rated bands known as the “Big City Band for 5 years. At its peak, the band played shows in Goa as well as the UK and the Middle-East, and was guided by their able manager Mr. Thomas Luis Cardozo.

Later he joined Goa’s renowned Musician, Remo Fernandes as a keyboardist playing for “The Microwave Papadams“, a band comprising of professional musicians. Mr. Remo, in Selwyn’s opinion was an excellent musician and a ‘great gentleman’. He has extensively toured India, Hong Kong, Middle East and Australia with the band.

Selwyn’s debut album is due for release in 2001, mostly composed of love songs. All the music has been arranged and programmed by him. He has also done a couple of singles and incidently, his first single was done together with Sam Crasto for “Maestro Rum” (Madame Rosa Distelleries)

He also used to manage FLO-SEL ENTERPRISES, an agency dealing in Amul Dairy Products.

He owes his gratitude to his parents for backing his musical career all along the way.