Sewage-filled drains irk Margao, Navelim locals


Clogged drains choked with sewerage have upset Margao and Navelim residents, who are hoping that chief minister Manohar Parrikar will issue directives to clean up the drains.
Margao residents point out that drainages that pass through Ana Fonte garden, Abade Faria road, Damodar temple, the junction near old Margao market, the civil and criminal court, Mungul and those near SGPDA market and Madel are clogged.
Residents, said the health department should look into the matter as the sewage water can harm people through the spread of vector borne diseases such as malaria and dengue.
Navelim locals said that they brought to Parrikar's notice the gutters in Khareband from where sewerage was flowing into river Sal.
"Parrikar is aware of the matter and has even inspected River Sal at Khareband where we showed him how bad the situation was and he has promised us to take up the matter," said activist Sidharth Kharapukar.
"All the storm water drains in Margao are polluted with sewerage and the ones from Pajifond go directly to Salpem lake. The ones at Old Market empty into River Sal at Mungul," added Karapurkar.
Parrikar had incidentally issued instructions to the government departments to take serious action into the matter and even had gone to the extent of stating that he would start mission 'clean up River Sal' on priority basis. [TOI]