Sexual harassment of women in buses is a problem: Parrikar

Women are being sexually harassed in buses everyday and is a huge problem, Parrikar said while also adding that the rate of detection of crimes was higher for as long as he was chief minister both in the first term as well as now. 

Replying to the discussion on the motion of thanks to the governor’s address, and the amendments to it that were moved by the opposition, Parrikar said that moral degradation of society was to blame for the crime rate and the increase in crime rate. 

“Crime is the highest in public buses. There is a huge problem there. Which is why we have introduced the pass system, so because we know that there are a certain amount of guaranteed passengers are there on a particular route we can increase the buses. If we have seating arrangement for everyone, it will go a long way in arresting sexual harassment in buses,” Parrikar said. 

“If the rate from Mapusa to Panjim is Rs 10, the private buses charge Rs 7 and if a working woman who earns a salary from four to six thousand, she will automatically go for the private bus to save that Rs 120 per month,” Parrikar said adding that the pass system will reduce the burden on daily travellers by almost 70%.  [H]