Shack owners accused of crossing bed limit

Despite promises to strictly adhere to the set norms of the shack policy, few shack owners along the coastal belt of Calangute have reportedly failed to adhere to the demands of the shacks policy.

According to sources, the shack owners are allowed to put only five beach beds in front of their shacks to meet the demands of their customers, but few shack owners are reportedly crossing the number laying 10-15 beds on any given day.

Sources further informed that such activities by few shack owners have prompted  the law-abiding shack owners to go in for increased number of beds.

“Looking at the way things are going at the start of the shack business, I do not foresee any change in the attitude of fellow shack owners which is tarnishing the image of shack owners,” said a shack owner on the condition of anonymity.

“We ourselves are killing the goose which is laying golden egg for us. The shacks allotment was delayed considerably this year and on top of that the shack owners are now engaging in activities like putting out extra beds despite warning from the government,” added the shack owner.

When contacted, Tourism Minister Dilip Parulekar said the monitoring of illegal activities of shack owners and water sports activities has been entrusted to the Tourism Department. [H]