Shack owners stage protest outside CM’s bungalow

The water sports operators and shack owners protested outside the Chief Minister’s bungalow at Altinho on Monday over the e-mail sent to the Shack Owners Welfare Society (SOWS) office postponing their meeting with the Chief Minister and submitted a memorandum to him on their several demands.

Later a delegation of five was allowed to meet the Chief Minister along with their leader, Mr Cruz Cardozo, who pointed out that the Shack Owners Welfare Society is a group of 350 families, who in accordance with their ancestral rights to the coast and their constitutional right to livelihood, and in order to stimulate the local economy and promote safe and environmentally conscious tourism- related practices, work for the general welfare of the coastal community of the state of Goa, employing over 5000 people.

They demanded with the Chief Minister to grant long term licences and to discourage lottery system, stating that the plan to enhance fees is unjust and unreasonable.

Demanding that the size of a shack should be 20×10 metres, with 15 pairs of beach beds, they stated that the all traditional shacks should be given licences in Palolem, adding by first week of October licenses should be issued. [NT]