Shacks up at Calangute beach but no garbage disposal site


The tourist season has already set in and shacks have also come up on the Calangute beach, but the beach still lacks a proper garbage management system and garbage is thrown near the entrance, giving the beach an ugly look.
Shacks may have come up on the Calangute beach but unfortunately they have no proper garbage disposal site.
It is a common sight to witness shack owners dumping their garbage behind their shacks and to the right of the entrance to the beach. This turns the beach into an eyesore and crows, cattle and dogs gather there to feed on the garbage. To add insult to injury, tourists also answer the call of nature at the same place. All this is enough to present a dirty picture of the Calangute beach to the tourists.
According to the local MLA, Mr Michael Lobo, the system of awarding beach cleaning contracts to private parties is absolutely wrong. He is of the opinion that the government should instead assign the work to the local panchayat.
Calangute panch member, Mr Joseph Sequeira said that the private parties who clean the beach have no proper garbage disposal site and as such they dump the garbage behind the shacks and either leave it for the animals to eat or set it on fire, which is a harmful process. He flayed the government for engaging private parties to clean up the beach garbage. “The Calangute panchayat has its own composting plant. So, if the work of cleaning the beaches is given to us, we will instead dump the garbage at our plant where it will be converted into some compost. We also have vehicles with us that can do the work,” he said.
Mr Lobo was also critical of the government approach on this matter. “Before engaging services of private parties, the government must ensure where and how they will dispose off the garbage. Burning is not the solution. Hence, I am completely opposed to giving this work to private parties. The local panchayat should be assigned the work of cleaning the beaches in its jurisdiction.” he said. Mr Lobo said that as the Calangute panchayat had vehicles and also a composting plant, it would be appropriate for the government to allot this work to the panchayat. [NT]