Shashikala Kakodkar, Radharao Gracias clash over Opinion Poll

UGDP leader Radharao Gracias and former chief minister Shashikala Kakodkar clashed during the open forum of the Goa Legislature's Day (GLD) at the Goa assembly complex on Wednesday.

Kakodkar took strong objection to the statement by Gracias who said that the role of Dr Jack Sequeira should not be forgotten who motivated the movement of the Opinion Poll while Goa's first chief minister Bahusaheb Bandodkar wanted a merger with Maharashtra.
Kakodkar countered saying Dr Sequeira cannot be solely credited for the success of the Opinion Poll for there were many others who also made their contribution.
She said that the Opinion Poll was not done fairly which was evident from the fact that many underaged also cast their vote.
She said that former chief minister Luizinho Faleiro admitted during a public function last year that though he was just 15 years of age during the Opinion Poll, he voted nevertheless.
The Opinion Poll was conducted on January 16, 1967, offering Goans a choice between continuing as a union territory or merging with the state of Maharashtra. [TOI]