Sibling’s property dispute ends in murder


 A 35-year-old man allegedly beat his 52-year-old brother to death with an iron rod over a property dispute and later tried to bury him inside the cowshed near their house at Usap, Nanora, early Sunday morning.
The police identified the accused as Sunil Laxman Gaonkar and the victim as Shashikant Laxman Gaonkar.
The brothers, who lived in the same house, had been at loggerheads for the past two years, police sources said. The dispute had escalated into a bitter fight in the past two months after the house was renovated, sources said. From P 1
The mother lived with Shashikant, a bachelor, while Sunil was married. Another brother Dilip lived nearby, while a fourth brother had expired some time back.
The dispute between the brothers was over their individual shares of the residential dwelling. The elder brother had allegedly threatened his younger sibling on Saturday morning and they had another argument the same night.
Police said when the mother awoke on Sunday, she asked Sunil about his brother's whereabouts and he pretended not to know anything. The mother, seeing something covered with plastic and polythene on the floor, informed Dilip.
Following Dilip's complaint to the police, Sunil was arrested. On being questioned by the police, he confessed to the crime and said he had struck his brother at least seven times with the iron rod.
The victim's face and head appeared to have been battered with a blunt weapon. Police said there were four clear marks on the side of his face, while one of the ear lobes was torn. The police recovered a one-and-half-foot long iron rod from the scene.
Police said Sunil dragged his brother's body about 45 metres from the residence towards the cowshed and tried to wipe the blood marks on the ground with cow dung.
PI Ninad Deulkar and his team are investigating the case. The body has been sent to Goa medical college and hospital morgue for postmortem. [TOI]