Siolim locals want Ghumti reconstructed


Unhappy over the demolition of a ‘Ghumti’ near the bridge at Siolim, a group of people have petitioned the local panchayat on Monday to reconstruct the ‘Ghumti’.
In their petition, the people contended that the ‘Ghumti’ marks the spot where a large tree was earlier revered by the community.
 They claimed that after the demolition of the old bridge, the tree was cut to widen the bridge and a new bridge was constructed in its place. The people have requested the panchayat to reconstruct ‘Ghumti’ near the bridge to enable them to continue with their devotion.
The panchayat has, however, requested the people not stir any controversy which could cause tension between communities and assured to resolve the issue in a peaceful manner. [H]