Siolim-Marna communidade decides to move court on Mapusa garbage issue


With no action forthcoming from Anjuna police against dumping of garbage on Siolim-Marna communidade land near the Mapusa housing board, annoyed members of the communidade have decided to approach a court. The communidade members had made a written request to the Anjuna police to take action against culprits.
Now garbage being dumped along the road near Mapusa housing board has become a severe issue with bad stink emanating from it and the garbage even spilling on to the road. It is suspected that hoteliers and shack owners are dumping their garbage there. In spite of a board being put up there by the Marna panchayat, garbage dumping is going on unabatedly.
It may be recalled that exactly a year back a severe issue had cropped up as some unscrupulous elements had set on fire the garbage there and toxic fumes emanating from the garbage had triggered resentment among people of Siolim and Assagao. The whole atmosphere was polluted as toxic fumes had engulfed the air and people had complained of severe problems.
Even though a year has passed since that incident, nothing has happened and the situation seems to be the same. The then Mapusa DySP, Mr Sammy Tavares had directed the then Anjuna PI, Mr Ninad Deulkar to go to the site, conduct an inspection and register an offence and do whatever was possible including increasing patrolling in the area in the nights taking suo moto cognizance of the public nuisance that had been caused by the smell.
The complaint by communidade president, Mr Joseph Noronha had also given a boost to the police efforts but now nothing seems to be happening. Even the Anjuna police have washed their hands off with a letter written to Mr Noronha by PSI, Mr Sinari saying that the police cannot trace the culprits and since there is no headway, they are withdrawing from the case.
"We had expected the police to act or at least to continue with some patrolling in the night but they have straightaway washed off their hands saying that the culprits are not traceable so the case is not being pursued," claimed Mr Noronha. He said that they were dismayed with the manner in which garbage is being thrown in the communidade land thereby defacing it. Mr Noronha claimed that they are quite concerned that authorities are turning a blind eye to the
"In such a situation, we are contemplating to approach the court as garbage has now become a serious issue at the housing board and no one is willing to act," Mr Noronha felt adding that no steps are being taken to deal with this garbage menace and piles of garbage are only increasing and spreading even on the road thus making motoring a nightmare especially as the road has no lights and is also an accident-prone zone. [NT]