Sirsaim: Chain snatched, temple robbed

Two theft cases were reported in Sirsaim on Sunday. In one incident a temple was robbed while a mangalsutra was snatched from women's neck the second incident.

Two donation boxes from Shree Sai Baba temple at Sainagar, Sirsaim, were broken open by thieves who decamped with approximately 40,000 cash and some sacred items, police sources said. Silver ornaments which adorned the idol were removed and locked up by the temple committee which were saved from being robbed.

Temple committee president Eknath Bagkar said that committee member Ramesh Mandrekar found the broken open donation box on Sunday morning. The lock on the box was broken with the help of a pick axe. It contained cash accumulated over a month and a half.

The temple committee usually empties the donation box every month but because of the busy schedule during Ganesh Chaturthi it was delayed and was supposed to be opened on Sunday. Police did the panchanama and further investigations are under way.

In another incident, Angela Fernandes from Tibarwada, Sirsaim, was robbed off her mangalsutra by motorcycle riders. Fernandes was on her way for Sunday mass.

Fernandes said that two persons snatched her mangalsutra worth about 70,000. The incident has added to concerns of the Bardez police who are facing a sudden rise in crime recently. [TOI]