Six attacked by bees at Margao


 In a case reported from Margao six persons were attacked by honeybees in Davorlim area on Thursday morning, including a father-son duo.
The son, a medical student, has been admitted in Margao Hospicio Hospital, while two other students are being treated at a private hospital. When the attack took place several people travelling on the said road abandoned their two wheelers on the road itself and ran helter-skelter to escape from the bees.
There were reports in the past of a few school students and locals being severely stung by honey bees in the same area. It is believed that a person, who has constructed a house in the vicinity, has reared honey bees on his first floor and several people have become victims of these bees.
The father and son were taken to the Margao Hospicio Hospital in an 108 ambulance. Doctor attending to them said that one of them has got several injuries on his body, including the eye, and that they were under treatment.
A senior Margao police officer said that this is a case of mischief and that they would initiate action against the person who has kept honeybees in his house. He said that they would visit the house and take necessary action. [NT]