Six Congress MLAs ‘begging’ for entry: BJP

The BJP on Wednesday claimed that six Congress MLAs were "begging for favours, forgiveness and entry into the BJP", but that the BJP would not accept them.

While slamming Congress observer Sudhakar Reddy for his utterances in Goa on Tuesday, BJP vice president Dr Wilfred Mesquita said that the Congress convention of Tuesday was a "colourless exercise meant to divert the attention of the people of Goa from the boycott of this meeting by six Congress MLAs."

Mesquita declined to name the six MLAs saying that they would come forward to reveal themselves.

The BJP also expressed disappointment with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for failing to "honour Goa and Goans by appointing a Goan as a union minister in the last reshuffle of the union cabinet."

Mesquita said that "failure to do so is a clear sign that the Congress party has given up both the Lok Sabha seats (in Goa), even before the election race has started."

Referring to Reddy's statement that the Congress will try to get central assistance for the mining affected people in Goa, Mesquita said this was a volte face by the Congress. "When Manohar Parrikar proposed to lead an all-party delegation to New Delhi to seek union government support to tide over the mining crises, it was the Congress which turned down the suggestion. Why this volte face now? Is it because the Congress is feeling guilty for allowing uncontrollable mining in Goa which has led to this present sorry situation?" Mesquita asked.

Mesquita said that the Goa government will file an affidavit in the Supreme Court to protect the interests of the less privileged class affected by mining in Goa.

Mesquita took strong exception to the statement of Reddy who said that the Congress was disinterested in toppling the BJP government in Goa. "People of Goa have given full mandate to the BJP and we have still four and half years to rule. Like many promises made in our manifesto and fulfilled in a short span of time, the BJP is committed to the promise given for a clean and transparent government in Goa," Mesquita said. [TOI]