Small hotels get big boost with green category CPCB status

The all India common notification of various industries by the Central Pollution Control Board has given a boost to small hotel businesses normally run by locals, mostly family-run units having less than 20 rooms in categorised in the ‘green’ category vis-à-vis hotels with more than 100 rooms, and three-star plus hotels.

Tourism is the state’s economic mainstay along with mining and real estate; though its 21 industrial estates also generate employment and revenue.

The new category also favours ready-mix concrete manufacture, giving it a green rating while giving cements a red rating. It however keeps the mining industry in the red category, adding even mineral stacking to the red list. This was not categorised earlier.

Goa’s airports – one functioning and one proposed – that were earlier not categorised have now been put in the red category along with the 21-odd industrial estates and the proposed industrial parks.

This uniformity of notification was sought by the central body after recent meeting of state pollution boards top brass realised that various states had their own norms while categorising industries according to their perceived environmental impact. The Goa State Pollution Control Board had already notified its own categorisation in 2011.

Officials said that after the directions were sent, the local body had written to the Centre that it already had its own categorisation done; which however was not accepted. The Goa State Pollution Control Board has now prepared a revised list and if the proposal is accepted by the Centre, it would approach the state to notify the same.

In the new categorisation, hotels upto 20 rooms, ready mix cement concrete, solar or non conventional energy equipment manufacturing units, solar power generation though photovoltaic cell, wind power and mini hydel power (less than 25 MW) are also in the green category.

Hotels having more than 20 rooms and less than 100 rooms but lower than 3 star status have been put in the middle orange category along with food and food processing including fruits, vegetable processing, infrastructure development projects, excavation of sand from the river bed, but not including manual excavation, fertiliser (granulation and formulation only), fish feed, poultry feed, cattle feed and fish processing, including packaging but excluding chilling of fish.

The red category includes Goa-centric industries like slaughterhouses and meat processing industries, bone mill, processing of animal horns, hoofs and other body parts, steel and steel products using furnaces like blast furnaces, stone crushers, repair and servicing of ships, barges, steel hull trawlers, ports and harbours, jetties and dredging operation, ore beneficiation including dry screening plants, mobile screening plants, iron ore washing plants, mineral stack yards, mining of iron ore, manganese ore and or bauxite, iron and steel that involves processing from ore integrated steel plants and sponge iron units, hotels of three-star and above having above 100 rooms, industrial estates, parks, complexes, SEZs, fermentation industry including manufacturing of yeast, beer, distillation of alcohol (ENA), basic fertilizer and distillery including the fermentation industry, construction of ships, barges, steel hull trawlers, cement, airports, and commercial air strips, and bulk cement terminals and depots. [NT]