‘Small land holdings a concern’

 Agricultural research has reached only 20% of big farmers with resources, but not small and marginal farmers who constitute a major chunk, B Gangwar, project director, project directorate for farming systems research, Meerut, said on Saturday. Speaking to reporters at Old Goa, he said that India's production registered a record 258 million tones during 2010-11, but as 86% of the land holdings are small, this could be a matter of concern in the future.

Further, the fragmentation is likely to increase to 95% in about 15 years and this would be a major problem as it would affect sustainability of agriculture for small and marginal farmers.

"Integrated farming is supposed to be a strong tool to look into this problem," he said.

ICAR has 31 centres, inclduign Goa, where technology is developed to help farmers. Families are adopted for provision of inputs to augment food production. Local problems are also examined and addressed to help the farming community.

Allindia co ordinated research project 2010 is one of the projects at national level for upliftment of farmers and ensure livelihood security, he said. [TOI]