SONG OF THE WILD N.F.D. (Written in May 1951)

SONG OF THE WILD N.F.D. * (Written in May 1951)

 (Tune: “I’m a broken down cowboy”)


Somali Somali, we’re here for your sake

But what the hell difference does the N.F.D. make

We’re all hale and hearty and sure full of cheer

When wearied or downcast, we just sip a beer!

We’ve left old Nairobi and come all way here

Though the City folk at us so often do jeer;

“You N.F.D. guys have a ‘gold mine’ up there,”

For such idle gossip we sure couldn’t care.

Our friends in the City and round everywhere

A welcome to you all comes from us up here,

Moyale, Mandera makes no difference to us

Our N.F.D. camels sure beat ‘Kenya bus’.

Ignatius Carvalho is now homeward bound

While Marsabit’s Maciel sings in tones so profound;

Young Capy Moraes is so thrilled at Wajir

Now Isiolo’s Thomas (Fernandes) goes there as Cashier.

Marsabit’s cold now, says old Victor Ferns (Fernandes)

While our friends in Turkana complain of the burns;

Isiolo’s comrades have naught to complain

They’re always so happy, but still ask for rain!

Faria at Garissa has a surplus of rice,

We’ll sure buy it off him for that generous price;

Mandera’s John Falcao seems quite happy there

Old Martin now joins him — they’ll make a good pair!

Our friends in Turkana we greet you aloud

’Tis pleasant to class you in our frontier crowd,

You’re surely content with Lake Rudolf’s fresh fish

While we are so tired of our Njoro pea dish. `

Isiolo’s da Lima is quite hale and blithe

While poor Luis Fernandes still fights for his rights;

Furtados left Mandera and Almeidas also here

Now Marsabit’s Falcao is all full of cheer.

On a well earned vacation, old Santimano goes,

While Isiolo’s Pacheco can’t save any dough,

Moraes is now tired — he wants City life,

Look out oh my comrades, he’ll soon have a wife!

We’ve left distant homeland and come all way here

Oh leaving behind us our near and our dear

But Somali Somali, we’re still full of glee

Amidst frontier tribesmen, it’s such comp-a-ny.

Final Chorus:

Now Somali Somali we’re leaving you not

To live in the frontier ’tis surely our lot

We’ll always keep singing wherever we go

The song of the wild N.F.D. ever more!

For origin of the ‘Somali Somali’ song, please see Page 85 (Chapter 5 )