‘Special cops’ may soon be guarding temples

Don’t be surprised to find “Special Police Officers” soon guarding and providing security to temples across South Goa district if the Temple Committees agree to a proposal mooted by District Collector, N D Agrawal.
At an interaction with representatives of temple committees from the district, Agrawal placed the special police officers proposal before the committee members for their consideration.
“Under the Indian Police Act, District Magistrate is empowered to appoint two special police officers in a locality upon names suggested by the community”, Agrawal told the committee members in a bid to beef up security in and around the Temples.
The District Collector urged the temple committees to open the donation boxes on a weekly basis and to stash the funds in a safe locker to foil attempts by burglars to decamp with valuables from the places of worship.
While financially strong temples have been suggested to install Closed Circuit TVs as part of security arrangements, temples whose cash deposits run over Rs 50 lakh were asked to take up welfare projects for the benefit of the community.
“Major  temples receiving devotees and visitors were advised to put in place disabled friendly measures”, Agrawal said, while pointing  out that the attention was drawn of the Committee for not submitting their annual budget estimate and the audited accounts to the government.
The meeting assumed significance and comes against the backdrop of the spate of thefts and burglaries in many a temple in the district in recent years.