St Cruz Cavelossim enter quarters


 Santa Cruz Club of Cavelossim rallied splendidly from behind to down Macazana Welfare Club 3-1 to enter the quarter-finals of Wilred Leisure Super Soccer at DSYA grounds, Curtorim on Monday.
It was the Macazana team that went into the lead in the 25th minute of the first half of play when Aston Vaz scored a beautiful goal when he slammed a powerful shot to beat Santa Cruz Club of Cavelossim keeper Mohummad Sheik.
However, in the second session Cavelossim stepped up the pressure making  Macazana players fall back to defend their citadel.
They scored quick goals in the 37th,44th and 47th minute. First it was Roland Fernandes who beat the Macazana keeper Schubert Rebello with a low effort and then quickly Cliffton Cardozo and Peston D’Sa added to the tally to have a comfortable win to march into the quarter-finals.
Such was the havoc that the Cavelossim strikers created in the second session that the Macazana lads had to fall back most of the time to try and contain the fast moving rival forwards. They stopped them for a while but not for long and went down fighting a brave battle.
Everytime the Cavelossim team penetrated deep inside the rival box, the Macazana defence was found wanting and as such it became quite easy for the Cavelossim strikers to have an easy time of scoring goals.
Meanwhile in yesterday’s match, Parish Youth Nuvem entered the quarterfinals when they knocked out UC Utorda 5-3 via the tie-breaker.
Despite several tries, both the teams played a goalless draw during the regulation time.
Both the teams matched each other well and kept the flow of the ball on the move all the while which nice crisp passes.
Both the teams excelled in all the departments of the game like trapping, dribbling abilities, controlling the ball well and speeding up whenever required. However, what the teams really lacked in the normal period of play was the fire power which was hardly seen, though the teams had chances to score in the regulation time.
While Utorda had two chances in the first half of play when Remedios and Elistor combined well and moved deep inside the rival territory, they were tackled in the nick of time of shooting in the goal.
On some occasions in the second session, Utorda lads shot wide from close.
So too was the tale with the Parish Youth Nuvem lads who fumbled in shooting into the goal accurately even from close distances.
Parish Youth too had chances in both the sessions of play to score like the Utorda lads. However, Gammy Colaco and Elrid Pereira were blocked well by the Utorda defence before they could aim their shots at the goal.
The proceedings of the match were fast throughout.
As the teams were involved in a dead-lock the tie-breaker system was adopted in which Parish Youth Nuvem proved to be better shooters scoring accurately through Neves Noronha, Queterio Pango, Elrid Pereira, Gammy Colaco  an Stanley Colaco.
Utorda could find the mark only through Remedios Barreto, Wellington Fernandes and Elistor Monteiro. [NT]