State govt to tighten noose around ‘negligent’ builders


The State government has assured to enact a legislation to tighten the noose around builders especially those who abandon their responsibilities such as those of forming housing societies after selling the flats to the buyers, Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar told the State Legislative Assembly on Monday.
Parrikar said that government will make it mandatory for all real estate developers to be registered with the Labour Department. “We would come out with a legislation, wherein the rights of a flat owner will be proper,” he said, while replying during the discussion on Demand for Grants on Town and Country Planning Department.
The chief minister said that the builders, after selling their flats, prefer to neglect their responsibilities associated with the housing complexes. He alleged that builders maintain distance from forming housing societies and at many times are negligent towards providing proper basic facilities and infrastructure such as parking.
“One negative aspect contributed by the builders lobby in the State is that they leave housing colony like stray dogs,” Parrikar commented.
Chief Minister stated that almost 23 per cent of the houses in the State are locked as they are purchased, but not used by the buyers. Parrikar told the House that as per 2011 Census, out of five lakh flats which are constructed in the State, around 1.20 lakh are locked. Either these are second homes or buyers are not living there. “This is putting a strain on the infrastructure,” he said.
“Goa cannot be a destination for alternate houses,” the Chief Minister asserted.
Parrikar informed the House that eight per cent of the total land in Goa (which amounts to 30,000-40,000 hectares) is available for development. “We need to ensure that some land should be preserved for posterity,” he added.
Parrikar said that State government has enhanced infrastructure tax during the recent State budget. But, the concession in this regard could be given to the locals, he said.
The volume of real estate-related cases should have alerted the government on the need to bring in a regulatory law for this sector, long ago especially when real estate was booming. [H]