State’s police force in need of modernisation


 The police department in the state, which is overburdened with work, does not seem to have sufficient staff to carry out the various duties, which involve attending courts, carrying out bandobasts, supervising VIP security apart from interrogation and investigating cases, maintaining law and order in the state and helping curb crime.
    The police force in the state is in need of modernization. The state police needs to prepare its own manual and acquire a lie detector and brain mapping device. There is also a need to establish a forensic science laboratory to put an end to the delays in crime detection and investigation. Though modernization of police force is a continuous process, the need is usually only felt when the crime rate goes up. With the government having recruited 1,000 more personnel to strengthen the force, cops seem to have now heaved a sigh of relief.
A new circular on compulsory usage of uniform while on duty has compelled the police staff to attend duty on time and also leave the office on time, which has brought about some sort of discipline in the police force.
Goa has acquired surveillance speedboats to guard its vast 105-km coastal belt. Besides, the state also has three different coastal police stations, which were set up after the terrorist attacks of 26/11 in order to keep a check on the state’s waters as the 26/11 attacks on Mumbai were carried out by terrorists after gaining entry through the sea route. In the sea, the police fight such crimes with the help of marine police, Navy officials and the Coast Guard. The state will now have four more coastal police stations. Two new jetties besides new vehicles and four new interceptors will give more teeth to the state’s police force.
The police department has already acquired 20 door frame metal detectors and 40 hand-held metal detectors. Goa police will also recruit another batch of 850 home guards even as the state already has 700 more home guards working voluntarily in different units of the police department.
At present, Goa police has a total staff of 4,861 which includes cooks, peons and others and the  uniformed staff comprises of one DGP, 12 SPs, 24 DySPs, 61 police inspectors, 126 PSIs, 186 ASIs, 987 head constables, 2,701 police constables and 275 drivers.
As part of welfare scheme, all PSOs and 240 staff working in security unit have been provided with safari suits. During the last year’s budget, Rs 249 crore was allotted to Goa police and this year too, the police force is expecting more from the Parrikar government. [NT]