State to start rebuilding community toilets


The government has promised to start rebuilding community toilets in schools as well as in popular tourist spots according to assurance given by PWD minister Ramakrishna Dhavalikar, in the Assembly Tuesday.
 He stated that the work of building of toilets which had begun in 2003 was stopped in 2006 and that till date there were still some schools that don’t have toilet facilities.
Dhavalikar informed that the central government sanitation scheme the Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan, was not availed off by the State government.
“Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan was started in September 2011. Were we even aware of it? We can do a sanitation programme under that scheme,” Dhavalikar declared, adding that even till date there were some sewage outlets that lead to gutters.
He also sought to highlight that the toilets built by the department were of good quality and that he had seen the toilets built in other states and that they were of much lower quality compared to those built in Goa. [H]