State-wise provisions should not be looked for in national budget: Sardinha


The South Goa MP, Mr Francisco Sardinha on Saturday said that the budget presented by the Union Minister for Finance, Mr P Chidambaram, earlier this week is a national financial statement and one should not try to find state-wise provisions such as a financial package for mining dependent people from Goa in it.
“The Goa mining issue is a localised issue and an exceptional case when viewed at nationwide level,” he added, pointing out that if need be he could arrange a meeting of the mining-affected people from Goa with the Union Minister for Finance, so as to get some relief in repayment of bank loans and so on.
Addressing a press conference at the Congress House on Saturday along with the senior state Congress leader, Mr Ramakant Khalap to provide a reaction on the national budget 2013-14, the South Goa MP said that there is additional allocation to every department of the government in the budget so that the social indicators of the country could come up. He further praised the United Progressive Alliance government for allocating more funds to defence as well as making a provision of Rs 1,000 crore for opening a bank for women entrepreneurs.  
The South Goa MP however, acknowledged that the government could not keep the petrol price under control due to the fluctuating international prices of petroleum products. He also agreed that the national growth has come down to 5.2 per cent.
Reacting to the railway budget, Mr Sardinha said that although Goa could receive little from it, the Union Railway Minister, Mr P Chidambaram has assured him about providing additional trains from and to Goa, whenever such a need arises. “In the future, I will try to arrange special trains for Goa whenever there are special events taking place in the state such as Carnival,” he noted.
The South Goa Parliamentarian also came out strongly against the Manohar Parrikar government claiming that it is making forms available on various government schemes to the ruling party legislators only. “The erstwhile Congress government in the state also ran almost all the public welfare schemes that exist today, may be with the exception of the housewife allowance scheme,” he observed, pointing out, “however, we never made any discrimination between the representatives of the ruling and the opposition party whenever forms of these schemes were
Mr Sardinha also said that the government should immediately stop this step-motherly treatment to the opposition legislators and honour all elected representatives irrespective of their political party affiliations. “I have not received any such forms, and don’t even know if the North Goa MP, Mr Shripad Naik has been provided with some,” he quipped.
Replying to a question, the South Goa MP said that a person from rest of India is an outsider up to a certain level and after that he is an Indian, and should be treated as one. He however, maintained that no agricultural land should be allowed to be converted into a non-agricultural one,
after its sale. [NT]