Stray cattle menace continues in Salcete

Despite claims made by the concerned authorities of  having launched special drives to clear the roads of stray cattle and  dogs, the animals continue to have a free run on the roads in Salcete.  Cattle blocking traffic on busy stretches are a common sight.

Sources in Margao police said that they book cases while Margao municipal taxation department said that market inspectors have been entrusted with the job.
It is said that during the last week two cattle were pounded by the municipal squad.
In some wards of the Margao town as well as in rural areas in Salcete stray cattle crowd on the roads as it has also become a habit with to rummage through the garbage for food dumped in the roadside bins.
The problem of stray cattle on the main roads particularly on high ways has become worse.
According to the police, stray cattle are a cause of traffic congestion  and also mishaps in Salcete. They  said that recently two youth riding a scooter sustained injuries when it collided with a stray cattle near Davorlim.
Through the injuries were minor in nature this case, people have expressed concern over the increasing number of mishaps which sometimes are fatal in nature.
Police said that most of the time roads remain occupied by the cattle and as a result the motorists have to observe great caution while moving along such roads.
Though civic authorities make tall claims about controlling the cattle menace, but the reality is totally different as cattle are found moving on different roads of the town freely and as such the two wheeler riders, in particular, have to face a lot of inconvenience.
Citizens have alleged that the local councilors pay no attention to the problem.
Resident of Fatorda, Mr Joe Dias (name changed), said that authorities launch drives against stray cattle only when accidents happen. Several complaints made to civic authorities failed to elicit positive response, he said.
A resident of Davorlim said that the roads turn dangerous during  nights. “During night, non-functional streetlights make the situation very dangerous as the cattle which squat on the roads are difficult to spot. Many accidents have taken place due to this menace in the past few months.”
“The stray cattle menace is becoming worse in villages particularly Nuvem, Davorlim, Macazana, Curtorim, St Jose Areal, Assolna, Benaulim, etc. There is hardly any road in the Salcete which is free from stray animals and people have to bear the inconvenience,” he said.
A resident of Cuncolim said that he had complained to the heath authorities many times but no remedial steps have been taken.
According to the sources in municipality they do not have the adequate manpower — the requisite number of cattle pounding  squads. There are limitations to what the municipality can do when it comes to pounding the cattle. The municipality does not have a cattle shed. Though there is a need of about four cattle catching squads to control the large number of bovines, but so far no squad has been formed.
Traffic officer said that stray cattle on streets sometimes cause mishaps and two wheeler riders should be very cautious while driving.
He added that  they have written to the concerned authorities about it.  
A resident of Mungali said that cattle sit right in the middle of the road, blocking it and we become helpless, adding even after blowing horn they do not move.
Stray animals have become a major problem in the smooth flow of traffic, particularly, on the village roads, he said. [NT]