Strong Lokayukta will curb corruption in state: Savoikar


The chairman of the Goa State Law Commission, Mr Narendra Savoikar, has said that around 1 lakh population of Goa state would come under the Lokayukta after its implementation at the end of March this year, with a definition of ‘Public Functionary.’ Speaking to ‘The Navhind Times’ Mr Savoikar said that some of the people in the state are simply making an issue and are trying to misguide the people over the implementation of Lokayukta. He said, "The state government would implement a strong Lokayukta which would be a weapon to curb the level of corruption which is very high in the state."
"There is a provision made in the Lokayukta, wherein people from the level of elected panch-member till up to the Chief Minister of the state can be under the scanner of the new law," stated Mr Savoikar and further maintained that other functionaries like cooperative housing societies, school teachers, professors at the college and university, societies which are registered under the Cooperative Societies Act, besides others will come under the provision of the Lokayukta. [NT]