Students oppose hike in Xerox rates


Opposing the decision of Xerox owners to hike the rates of photocopy (Xerox), the ‘Voice of Students’, a students group, has demanded a rollback in the price hike.
Addressing reporters in Ponda, ‘Voice of Students’ President Akshay Naik Madkaikar has requested the Xerox owners to revert hike in photocopy price and said places other than Ponda and Quepem, Xerox owners still continue to charge 50 paise or Re 1 for a photocopy.
“Hike in photocopy prices has affected students’ community and we sincerely request the Xerox owners to rethink on its decision. From 50 paise, the Xerox owners have directly raised the price to Rs 2 and no other place in the State has hiked the price other than Ponda and Quepem,” said Madkaikar.
“Students from Quepem and Ponda have supported our demand to revert photocopy price hike. We are planning our future course of action if all the Xerox owners do not listen to our request,” he said.
“There are some Xerox machine owners who are forced to hike the price against their will. We will also request the state government to look into the issue,” he urged.
Rohit Bandodkar, another member, said: “Our pocket money will go on Xeroxing and since the exam time is nearing, it will be difficult for students to manage the cost incurred on photocopy. We require photocopying notes of our seniors, some important syllabus from text books, etc.”
It may be recalled that in January, the all Goa Xerox Owners Association had increased the price claiming increase in paper cost and machine maintenance apart from salaries to the employees forced them to hike the photocopy price.
The new rates that were implemented from January were A4 and FS size Xerox single copy (Rs 2 per page and both sides copy Rs 3), A3 size Xerox single copy (Rs 3 and both sides Rs 5), and legal paper (green) copy (Rs 3). [H]