Students suffering due to lack of public transport

I would like to bring to the notice of the concerned authority through “Citizen Herald” that there is no public transport available from Assolda, Gonvol, Xeldem, Tilamol to Curchorem and back during the afternoon hours and in the evening.

The students studying in Curchorem have to walk a distance of 4 kms to reach the Kakumoddi Bus Stop to reach their educational institutions in Curchorem for higher education. At present the lone Kadamba bus provides transport from Assolda to Margao in the morning at 7 am. Thereafter, there is no bus available for the general public. There is an urgent need for transport from these areas to Curchorem in the morning, afternoon and in the evening.

A bus is required especially in the afternoon from these areas to reach Curchorem by 12.45 pm and a bus in the evening from Curchorem at 6 pm. to the above mentioned areas.

I request the local politicians and the transport authorities to please ensure that a bus is introduced to provide transport to these localities or to divert a bus from Curchorem to Margao route via Tilamol, Xeldem, Gonvoll, Assolda, Chandor to Margao and back.

I hope the concerned authorities would provide this basic transport facility at the earliest. [H]