Sudin interfering in PMC matters, claim Councillors

PONDA: Accusing PWD Minister Sudin Dhavlikar of frequently criticising the Ponda Municipal Council (PMC), the council’s ruling group has alleged that the minister has been interfering in matters pertaining to the council.

PMC Councillor Sanjay Naik claimed that Dhavlikar began to interfere in PMC affairs shortly after the assembly polls.

“Dhavlikar is only good at criticizing the council. He never showed interest in helping us, but under his supervision, Dhavlikar’s supporters, who are councillors in the opposition, did everything possible to create a problem for us. Apart from the garbage issue, the minister was involved in transferring chief officers, engineers and also stalled files in various departments,” said Sanjay Naik.

Added PMC Chairperson Rukmi Dangui, “Since I took over as chairperson in March this year, the PMC has witnessed three different chief officers.”

The ruling councillors also reacted strongly after Dhavlikar accused the PMC chairperson of failing to attend the official government function at Kranti-Maidan and criticising the PMC ruling group of boycotting the inaugural function of the Sub-District Hospital at Ponda.

“The minister is misguiding people by stating that I haven’t attended government functions on June 18, August 15 and December 19 at the Kranti Maidan. The function at Kranti Maidan starts by the time we finish the flag hoisting function in front of the PMC building and later, another function at the martyr memorial, Alemida high school,” said Dangui.

“I have been there on two occasions, but could not reach on December 19 as we finished a little late. I am surprised that even after attending the function on June 18 and August 15, the minister claims I did not attend those functions,” Dangui added.

Councillor Sanjay Naik also condemned claims by Ponda MLA Lavoo Mamledar that the pending work of the newly built Sub-District Hospital at Ponda was completed soon after the new government came to power.

“Nearly 99 per cent of the work was completed and the new government only had to inaugurate the hospital,” said Sanjay Naik. [H]