Sudin makes case for landfill activity


PWD Minister Sudin Dhavlikar has justified the use of waste for landfill activity for an approach road to the proposed four-lane bridge at Khandepar-Ponda and has requested people to support such developmental activities.
According to reports, Dhavlikar while addressing a MGP meeting in Ponda late Sunday evening stated that there was no need for residents of Khandepar to worry about the waste used for land filling activity.
“Waste is mixed in mud and will be covered by a 1 metre thick layer of mud. Even if there is foul smell, people need to bare it for some time. Where else can we take that tonnes of waste?” asked Dhavlikar.
It may be recalled that Curti-Khandepar panchas along with the villagers on Sunday stopped seven trucks carrying waste that were to be unloaded to fill land to construct an approach road to the proposed four-lane bridge. The villagers had also demanded to remove the waste, mostly plastic that was used for land filling.
According to sources, tonnes of waste from Bond-Baag, an abandoned garbage site of Ponda Municipal Council, is being shifted to Khandepar.
“We are people with constructive minds and people should support developmental activities,” added Dhavlikar.
Interestingly, even though police attached seven trucks following protests from villagers, no offence has been registered. Police claimed that there was no written complaint against dumping of waste. [H]