Sunburn festival pleasure for music lovers, but pain for locals


 The three-day ‘Sunburn’ festival got off to a huge response in Candolim on Thursday, but locals had to face the music of a different kind as blaring horns and a surge in traffic clogged the road network in the area.
Despite being a day-long event, much of the action at the ‘Sunburn’ music festival takes place after sunset when popular DJs are in attendance. The event is taking place on twin venues close to the Candolim beach. 
While the event has been attracting a large number of people, both from and outside the State, some villagers are also hoping to make a fast buck during the event by providing bike-car rental services and accommodation.
Not all locals, however, claim to be benefiting from the event and many have complained that the music festival has only added to the usual traffic jams during the Christmas season.
Huge traffic jams were witnessed at Candolim and surrounding areas, despite the deployment of a large number of policemen to regulate traffic along major roads between Calangute and Candolim.  
In a bid to ease the traffic chaos, authorities have diverted traffic at some places, but it has upset locals, who have questioned the logic of organising the music festival during the peak December season.
“Except for benefitting a few locals, the Sunburn festival has hardly led to a growth in our business. The music event may be good, but it should not have been staged during the Christmas week. Authorities could easily have scheduled the event during January end or February, when tourism is on the decline, to attract more people to Calangute and Candolim,” said one hotelier.
Elaborate security arrangements have been set up for the Sunburn festival, with CISF and Goa Police teams providing security cover at the festival, while a Fire Service team has also been stationed at the site. [H]