Surla, Kankumbi villagers in distress


Kankumbi villagers from Karnataka and Surla villagers in Goa are likely to face acute shortage of water this year due to the work of Kalsa canal undertaken by the Karnataka Nirawari Nigam (KNN).
The deep land excavation undertaken by KNN has threatened the very existence of natural water bodies.
Vice president of Mauli devasthan from Kankumbi, Mr Laxman Gawade stated that Karnataka has violated the Environmental Protection Act, 1988 and Forest Protection Act, 1980 and therefore it is necessary that this issue should be treated very seriously.
He also said that Kankumbi in fact will not gain any benefit from  this canal.
A villager, Mr Gundu Gurav, stated that they objected to the project, work on which is being carried put especially during the night time on many occasions and by adopting different means, but “so far KNN has not paid any heed to the villagers objection and as such there is a need to handle the issue by some other way.”
 Surla villagers have said that most of the natural water bodies in the village are also on the verge of destruction due to the Kalsa canal work.
A villager from Surla, Mr Babu Gaonkar, said that the road from Chorla Ghat will be severely affected in the days to come due to Kalsa canal work as the road foundation is in danger due to the soil  excavation. [NT]