Taleigao locals want broader pipes


Residents of Taleigao have expressed fears that the new sewerage pipeline which is being laid will not cater to the increasing development in the area considering present and future needs.
A group of concerned residents told Herald said that the PWD needs to lay pipelines of a larger diameter and felt that there is a mismatch in planning of the project and execution of works.
Seby D’Costa from Odlembhatt where the works are currently on, said, “We are worried that the existing diameter of six inches is not suitable and the PWD should lay sewerage pipelines of at least 16 to 18 inches in diameter.”
There are huge residential projects in the area and new projects are envisaged during the next two to three years, he said.
Another resident, Rohidas Naik said, “The PWD has not taken into account future residential complexes that will come up in the area,” expressing fears that the present infrastructure will collapse due to alleged lopsided planning for sewerage connectivity.
Sanju Mangeshkar also alleged that the ongoing works for laying the sewerage lines is shoddy and said that the works were being carried out in such hurry without following proper procedures in treating chambers and other technical aspects. The group alleged that the officials were not supervising the works and failure to check this would create further problems after the lines were commissioned.
On the other hand PWD officials in charge of the sewerage works scoffed off allegations and complaints. “Everything is going on as per specifications as this project is a centrally funded one and all guidelines in this respect are being followed,” said Shirodkar of the PWD in charge of the sewerage works. [H]