Talk organised for parents on dealing with child’s sexual abuse

In the wake of the recent Vasco school incident, Saraswat Vidyalaya High School Khorlim-Mapusa recently organised a talk for parents on how to deal with child’s sexual health and sexual abuse.

About 300 parents attended the talk by Prof Aldina Braganza e Gomes from Carmel College. 

Gomes explained the nature of sexual abuse and claimed that much of child abuse occurs at home.

“The sexual abuse takes place at home and children do not report it or even if they do, the parents try to hide it,” said Gomes and added that most of the time it leads to further mental and physical torture of the victim.

Gomes in a presentation explained the responsibilities of the parents and how they could avoid sexual harassment of their children.

“Children could learn to say ‘no’ at the first instance when anyone tries to fondle them and immediately report it to the parents. The institutions should also take immediate steps so that the perpetrator could be nabbed,” added Gomes. [H]