Taxis to flash fare meters?


The departments of Transport and Tourism together are expected to ensure that electronic meters with printed slips are installed by taxis in Goa by March end in a bid to streamline and rationalize taxi fares, in the wake of complaints by tourists of arbitrary pricing.
Though the charge has been denied by taxi operators, the current move seeks to bring all forms of taxi services including tourist taxis, black and yellow cabs under the same type of meters.
“A joint decision will be taken by our department together with the tourism department. It is an ongoing process,” Transport Director Arun Dessai said.
The failure to charge by meters fares, but arbitrary charging has been tarnishing the image of the state as a tourist friendly destination, with industry stakeholders especially the Travel and Tourism Association of Goa (TTAG) crying hoarse against the lack of meters.
The government has made several attempts in the past to get the politically powerful lobby to charge by meters, with not much success.
Sources say that there is a meeting scheduled by the Transport Department with taxi operators and  other stakeholders in South Goa. [H]