Teen drowns off Arossim beach

 A student of St Thomas school, Cansaulim, Akshay Naik, 14, drowned at Arossim beach on Tuesday when he had gone for a swim with his friend.

Naik, a resident of Velsao and a Class VIII student, had gone for a swim after answering his exam on Tuesday, as Wednesday would be a Holi holiday. He was with his friend Sachin Madar, 14, a resident of Cansaulim. Verna police, who rushed to the site, said that a case of unnatural death had been registered and that they are carrying out further investigations into the matter. Drishti lifeguards present at the scene said that at about 11.26am, 700m right of the Arrosim tower, the two boys were waist-deep in water in a swim zone. The lifeguards added that while the boys were swimming, they suddenly reached outside the safe swim zone and were caught in a strong rip current. [TOI]