Temple ruins found during highway expansion at Navelim

Margao: The ruins believed to be a 11th century old temple has become a centre of attraction after they were unearthed during the expansion of the highway at Navelim.

Sources said that the area could be further excavated as more ruins could possibly be lying under ground and is believed to be dated to the 11th century. Sources said looking at the size of the ruins it could possibly be of a temple as large as Tambdi Surla however the exact details will be ascertained after proper inspection.

The official said that the Archaeological Survey of India are expected to collect the ruins by this weekend and further excavation around the site cannot be ruled out as there would be more buried under ground.

Locals informed that the ASI had already taken large portions of the temple in the early 1990s. Many large stones were taken from the site before we learnt that more stones of the ruins have been found. [NT]