The Art of Gifting

Would they appreciate a dinner set? Will they find my wall painting too frivolous? These and many more questions would dart across our minds more often than not when it comes to picking up a gift for a soon-to-be-married couple, or anyone else for that matter.

It is not too difficult to pick up gifts that can stand apart in the usual motley crowd of brassware, china sets and stainless steel items if one does have — like as many as approximately 12 per cent of the population in any part of the world would — a seemingly unending source of      M-O-N-E-Y.

But then I don't suppose you and me could be construed as part of the fortunate (you may also read that as 'sleepless') 12 per cent. And so we have to consider mundane considerations like the limited budget, or the will-they or won't-they-like-it factor or the all too familiar feeling of "Will mine be the 24th Tea Set that the couple will open up?".

So the million-dollar question is, what is it that can be termed as the ideal gift?

The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines a "gift" as a virtue looked upon as emanation from heaven. If all the gifts that we would ever gift are to meet the mark in terms of utility value and thoughtfullness, we would need to adopt the European system of gifting. Here the to-be-married couple takes the liberty of preparing and sending a rather long and copious list of items that they would rather have gifted to themselves by guests who would be attending the wedding.

Too bad that we are not in Europe. But with the new and varied options available, who knows, we could well start off a trend that even the Europeans might take to. I'm talking of the new trend of presenting a Gift Bond, to be precise.

While presenting a Gift Bond to someone, you are not only being thoughtful by helping the couple plan for their future, you are giving them the option of planning for a much bigger gift item in the near future, by investing a comparatively smaller amount to start with.

Not only will this kind of a gift be appreciated, but you will be remembered even years later when the Bond matures, by — you never know — even the kids and other dependents of the couple.
Among various options available in this category, the most promising would be the scheme offered by  Mehna Plantations Pvt. Ltd. Known as Mehna Gift Bond, you can invest any amount you might want to from Rs. 500 onwards and present the Bond to any newly married couple you might be wanting to bless.

More details can be had from Mehna's Regional office in Panjim, Goa, Ph:  91 – 832 – 222692 / 93 / 94, Fax: 91 – 832 – 224904 / 228036.