The Axis-owned plot at Cuncolim Estate unsealed


The South Goa district authorities on Thursday unsealed one of the two plots owned by The Axis in the Cuncolim Industrial Estate, but there seems no urgency on the part of the authorities to either treat or remove the tons of hazardous waste stored in the second plot. A team headed by Deputy Collector, Margao Surendra Naik descended at the industrial estate around noon and removed the seal from plot No L-3.  Plot No L-2 owned by The Axis, which is playing host to tons of hazardous waste, will remain sealed. In fact, the Goa State Pollution Control Board while asking the District Collector to remove the seal of plot No L-3, has also asked him to ensure that no hazardous waste is stored in plot no L-2 at the industrial estate. While the deputy collector and his team complied with the Goa State Pollution Control Board directions, questions are being raised as to when and how authorities would ensure removal or treatment of hazardous waste in Plot No L-2 at the industrial estate. While the Goa State Pollution Control Board had ordered sealing of the two plots to stop handling of hazardous waste at the site, there seems no solution forthcoming from the government agencies vis-à-vis the waste lying at the estate. In July last, the Cuncolim police had registered a case against Ms Sunrise Zinc, SBI, Stressed Management, Mumbai and The Axis, based on an FIR lodged by the GSPCB. Since then, no waste has been treated or lifted away by the authorities. [H]