The Blending of the Elements

 Fire Signs
Aries     Fire blends easily with Fire and Air
Leo     but requires tolerance to blend with
Sagittarius    Earth and Water.

Air Signs
Libra     Air blends easily with Air and Fire

Aquarius    but requires tolerance to blend with

Gemini    Earth and Water.

Earth Signs
Capricorn    Earth blends easily with Earth and 
Taurus     Water but requires tolerance to blend 
Virgo     with Fire and Air.

Cancer    Water blends easily with Water and 
Scorpio      Earth but requires tolerance to blend
Pisces     with Fire and Air.

When Fire meets Fire, the resulting higher and hotter flames may create a conflagration, which will either consume itself and burn out — or light the darkness, and   melt the ice and fear of negative thinking. The choice lies equally with both individuals.

When Air meets Air, there is complete freedom of movement, little or no restriction. This blend can result in a glorious mental, emotional and spiritual uplifting. But Air becomes stale and polluted without the winds of change, and Air can be whipped into the frenzy of a tornado under certain conditions. The choice lies equally with both individuals.

When Earth meets Earth, this blend can build itself into a tall mountain of faith and strength — or can instead become a dry desert, depending on which direction it takes. When agitated, the result can be an earthquake, with volcanic repercussions. The choice lies equally with both individuals.

When Water meets Water, there is no resistance, resulting in a continual stream of inspiration, flowing eventually into a greater ocean of enlightenment — or on the negative side, it may trickle into a stagnant inlet, where there is no escape. Water cools the thirst but, when out of control, brings destructive floods. The choice lies equally with both individuals.

Air fans Fire, and causes it to burn more brightly, stimulating enthusiasm and excitement — or inciting passion and anger. Too much Fire can burn up the oxygen in Air, making it difficult to breathe — and too much Air, such as a strong wind, can cause a flame to flicker ever more dimly. The   choice lies equally with both individuals.

It is always obvious which is the stronger and more enduring of the two elements. Earth remains where it is, unless moved by inner explosion, or through outside forces. Fire charts its own course, ever reaching toward the heavens. Fire can scorch Earth but never completely destroy it. Earth will support Fire, forming a stable foundation for its flame; yet too much Earth can bury the brightest Fire. The choice lies equally with both individuals.

A large Fire can dehydrate or dry out a small amount of Water, with excessive heat. On the other hand, large quantities of Water can extinguish Fire, put out its flames. Therefore, Fire instinctively either fears or respects Water, and vice versa. Both subconsciously sense the danger – that each is capable of completely destroying the other. The choice lies equally with both individuals.

Earth contains Air and needs it, but Air neither contains Earth nor needs it. Earth is obligated to remain where it is, moving only through earthquake, volcanic or outside forces. Air has freed itself from such restrictions, moving above the Earth at whim, neither changing Earth nor long remaining. Earth is detached from Air, seemingly unaware of its existence, until strong winds disturb the plants and flowers growing on its surface, rooted in its bosom. The outcome is determined by choice, which lies equally with both individuals.

Water seeks a home, which it finds within the Earth, penetrating Earth and moistening it, which is a blessing to the Earth – for it is Water's penetration alone that allows Earth to 'mother' all forms of living plants, trees and flowers. Without the enrichment of Water, Earth is dry and useless. Without the Earth to moisten, Water's course is aimless and equally useless. These two elements were designed each to need the other. But too much Water can turn Earth into mud or quicksand – and too little Water can be lost, can disappear within the mountainous masses of Earth. The outcome is determined by choice, which lies equally with both individuals.

Air penetrates Water…stirs it, churns it into lashing waves…then moves away… an infiltration or attack over which Water has no control. When Water penetrates Air in the Form of moisture, it causes Air to be heavy. But, in the process, it also brings to all of nature the blessed relief of rain, magically changing Air into its own element, a transmutation over which Air has no control. In the final analysis, there is no choice of outcome for either individual — only through Destiny's Higher Will.

Courtesy: Linda Goodman's Love Signs