The Fitness, walking club of Miramar

Laughter is a powerful medicine


No joke is needed to erupt with glee. They breathe deeply, yoga-like reach for the sky to reduce inhibition.

Then force a "HO, HO, HA,HA" until the laughter becomes contagious.

Fitness Meet

The Fitness, Walking and Laughter Club of Miramar, Panjim Goa, along with 8 sister-clubs enthusiastics all over Goa, celebrated on a grand scale the Third Anniversary of their existence. Mr. Ashwin Tombat, Editor of Gomantak Times, presided and gave a serious "laughter talk" President Emiratus, who leads behind the scenes, that unforgetable P. C. Sancoalcar, the secretary Ramesh G Pandrokar and others helped to make this a memorable event. More of which you will read in local newspapers and watched on T.V.

The laughing session with Yoga exercises, whatever the weather, starts daily at 6.40 at the break of dawn – the time to drink in the first rays of sunlight so hungrily. It goes upto 7 o'clock for twenty minutes, under the wide open changing sky on the Miramar Beach. Anyone who is sincere and conscientious wishes to join the session is welcome. It is open to all.

There is no entrance fee or formalities to perform.

A graceful and brisk morning walk and a laughter therapy session are complementary to each other. Walking, like swimming, bicycling and jogging is an aerobic exercise, which builds the capacity for energy output and physical endurance by increasing the supply of oxygen to skin and muscles. Such exercise may be a primary factor in the prevention of heart and circulatory diseases.

Exercise has an invigorating effect on the mind and body. It releases tensions, so that you become more relaxed. This in turn, will help to free you from that awful feeling of running around in circles and getting nowhere. You are likely to sleep better and wake up brighter. It helps you to feel more vital and able to cope with life.

However modern our outside environment may have become, our inner environment is yet to change. We still inhibit stone-ago bodies, which means we are designed to be active. We have muscles that are meant to work; sweat glands to wet or cool us; heart, lungs and blood vessels that can go into an overdrive. There is considerable evidence that many of the diseases that afflict us these days are due to inactivity.

Remember that exercising should be fun. Try dancing because you enjoy it socially and emotionally as well as physically. Go swimming because you enjoy the sleek sensation of water on your skin.

At the venue of the Meet

Opt for walking for the pleasure of what you see and hear. Things like this can keep your whole body in a very good tone and give you an all the time sense of well-being, rather than the sort of high that comes from deliberate over-pushing.

With a reasonable turn out, various morning health and fitness activities go on the Miramar Beach, including Yoga and rough-and-tumble Karate. Also, those of you who don't know, there is a senior citizen, wearing a reddish sweat shirt playing rounds of golf. He maintains a good posture swings the club the correct way,with an occasional Width Swing, a Leverage Swing and an Arc Swing. It's pleasurable to watch. The golfer is none other than friend Lewis D'Souza of Miramar.

Of course, there are the anglers, depending on the tide fishing patiently and others too, just watching impatiently. And how can the horses be skipped, who are brought out almost daily for exercise.

In some countries in order to assist you to lose weight, you are stripped naked in warm clay- resembling an Egyptian Mummy – and finally you are dressed in a plastic suit- and now you resemble a Michelin X astronaut. At this state you are abandoned to walk around – unable to sit down of course to sweat profusely. This together with the moisture from the bandages, will begin to trickle down to your legs and accumulate in your plastic boots making you feel you arre walking around a muddy rugby pitch on a rainy day. The good news is that the system appears to work.

The single largest contributing factor to health is diet. It may be an over-worn phrase, but we are what we eat. Whatever your age, good eating habits are the prerequisite of good health, but they are often forgotten by older people,who tend to rely on processed convenience foods, difficult to digest.

At last: At 67, I smile, which in natural, walk miles and still joyfully jog. My jogging is a fraction faster than walking space. I am not running a race. I don't want any more trophies. I have enough of them on the shelf staring at me.

By Marc de Souza