The Spirit of Christmas

“All’s well that end’s well”. Shakespeare was definitely a clever man. For all through the year you’ve trudged and slogged your way to get to the top. It’s been a tiring journey past summer, past July, past the exams, past the work. You need a break from all of it. A long good break. And what break could be  better than Christmas?

A time guaranteed to leave you beginning the New Year smiling and ecstatic, is finally here. Christmas is finally here. And its been a long wait for some of us. The cold atmosphere outside your door has now got a warm touch to it. The glittering streamers and decorations in every corner of the street catch your eye and hold your view. The songs we all know mingle back into our lives when the carolers spread about the joy of Christmas at your doorstep. Sitting by the Christmas tree at home with its luminous, warm glow enveloping you makes you soft.

Such a special time it is! Nothing’s the same as usual. Why, you walk through the city to catch the city bus like you do on every other day of the week, you view the same sites, the same shops. But it’s still different. This time you can see the smiles that cannot help appearing on people’s faces. This time you see the sparkle in the children’s eyes reserved especially for this time. You share the same smiles, the same sparkle, the same excitement with everybody else.
Perhaps that’s why Christmas is such a special time. Even though each of us come from different walks of life, from the president of the country to the president of the local church youth group, from the Hindu to the Catholic. From the rich and famous to the poor and meek and everything else in between, we all share the same excitement of Christmas. We all love receiving and exchanging gifts, we all love playing Secret Santa, we all love belting out “Jingle Bells’. No matter what religion, race country, career or status we belong to, we all share the same feelings about Christmas. We all feel the magic that is Christmas. It brings us together like nothing else does. In its own mysterious ways the love God has to give us, that love envelopes the world on this cold yet warm night. Its branches reaching each heart, each soul, entangling our lives with its power, leaving love and hope in every home. Touching our very humanness.

And that’s what the spirit of Christmas does. It taps the pot we hide our humanness in.  Reminding some that no matter how powerful they are, they’re still human. Reminding others that no matter how lonely they are they still have company in celebrating Christmas with the world, reminding some others that hope still persist. But reminding all of us that love still reigns and at the bottom of it all we are all one.

Reeva DeSa
Std X, Our Lady of the Rosary School, Dona Paula.
Pic by Naitik Jain, Std X, Vidya Vikas High School, Margao