Thermocol dumping banned at Margao wholesale fish market


A day after Fomento Green shut its door for thermocol waste at Sonsodo, South Goa Planning and Development Authority (SGPDA) on Thursday told its waste disposal contractor to crack a whip on fish wholesalers dumping thermocol at the wholesale fish market.
Taking strong note of Wednesday’s development, wherein Fomento Green returned back two truck load of thermocol waste collected from the wholesale fish market, SGPDA Member Secretary Rajesh Naik issued strict instructions to the wholesale waste disposal contractor to initiate action against wholesalers dumping thermocol waste.
“With Fomento Green refusing to accept thermocol waste, we have decided to act tough against fish wholesalers,” Rajesh said.
He pointed out that the wholesalers will be told to take back the thermocol waste to the place of origin given the emerging situation after Wednesday’s development. “The only option left for the wholesalers is to take back the thermocol waste instead of dumping the same at the wholesale fish market,” he said. A meeting has been convened with the wholesale fish agents to impress upon to stop disposing off the thermocol waste in the PDA market.
Sources in the know said that thermocol waste was disposed off by burning close to the wholesale fish market. Fomento Green has refused to accept thermocol waste since it falls in the category of non-conforming waste, which cannot be accepted at a solid waste management plant. [H]