Thick fog delays arrival of 8 flights


Thick fog delayed the arrival of eight flights at Dabolim airport on Tuesday morning. 
According to officials at Dabolim airport, four international flights were diverted to Hyderabad, Chennai and Mumbai, while another four domestic flights were regulated at the point of departure at Mumbai and Bangalore due to the thick fog.
 “Four international flights were diverted, one each to Hyderabad and Chennai and two to Mumbai, while four domestic flights were regulated at the point of departure,” informed the official. The official further informed that all the flights arrived later and there was no cancellation of the flights.
Meanwhile, after a rather warm December, temperature dropped to 21.8 degree Celsius on Tuesday morning, to usher in marginally cooler weather due the south westerly winds, giving some respite from the heat. “The south westerly winds increased the moisture in the air. There was formation of fog and as such the weather was a bit cold in the morning, though not as expected,” Met department in-charge K V Singh said.  The visibility remained low until mid-morning, but, people had no complaints. “It had been extremely hot even till early Monday morning. The temperature Tuesday has brought relief,” said an office goer. The Met department foresees that cold conditions will remain for the next couple of days though there are possibilities temperatures fluctuating.  [H]